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Create a Strong & Resilient Life

Effective Mental Wellness, Self-Defense, and Resilience Training  

Strong Life Training Programs

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Lori's Programs


Self-defense & Resilience
Hands-On Workshops:

Learn how to keep yourself safe through fun & engaging, hands-on workshops. You'll gain peace of mind and skills & tools to keep yourself safe. Research shows that learning self-defense can help improve mental health by reducing symptoms of anxiety, supporting confidence & resilience, and also help individuals gain autonomy and healing after experiencing trauma and/or violence.

Private workshops available for you and your family, friends, groups & clubs, or co-workers.


One-time or series of trainings available. 


Strong Life Training and Educational Program

Learn the must-know tools for building and maintaining a life of purpose, resilience, confidence & well-being.


This program is packed with tools, information, and practical applications that are grounded in  evidence-based practices and proven methods and timeless principles.

Excellent for schools, companies, clubs & groups, as well as churches and civic organizations.

One-time sessions or series available


Conference Speaking &
Special Topic Workshops

If you're looking for inspiration, encouragement, and practical direction for your group or conference, Lori is available to encourage, empower, and motivate your audience through keynote messages, workshops, and break-out sessions. 

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Meet Lori

Lori Lara is on a mission to help people build a stronger and more resilient life through effective mental health & resilience education, as well as practical self-defense instruction.


With a master's degree in mental health and wellness with an emphasis in prevention and a black-belt in mixed martial arts, Lori teaches unique blend of physical, mental, and emotional skills to help people feel more confident, peaceful, and prepared to deal with life's challenges. 

Lori Lara is a force of nature. She is a powerful communicator, truth teller and captivating teacher.

- Mandy Arioto, CEO, MOPS International


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“Lori has a passion for working with young people.  The students enjoy the skills she is teaching them about their mental health.  The best endorsement of Lori is that these students keep coming back voluntarily in droves to attend her skills classes. Based on student self-reporting, our students report feeling a significant reduction in their anxiety and stress levels—in less than 30-minute sessions with Lori. We’re very excited about the positive impact Lori’s resilience and wellness program is having on our students' mental health and their life skills.”

Aaron Palm


Oakridge High School

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